The Bacon gives talented individuals and local shops in our community everything they need to meet new customers and grow their service businesses.

We also make it really easy for customers to find and hire these great local people to help with whatever you need. Did I mention that when you hire the right person for the job, you pay online when the job is done and leave a review? It’s a whole new world of service hiring!

Basically, The Bacon cures the problems of service hiring and makes it easy for small local businesses to meet new customers. What can we say, The Bacon brings people the table!

We’re all about hiring local and growing small business because we understand that our community is stronger when we work together. But sometimes it takes a little something extra to get there- that’s the Bacon.


Meet Jen
Jen- Founder, CEO, breakfast food lover. 

Meet Mark
Mark- Founder, Chief Financial Supporter of the otherwise broke Founders. He’s pictured with Kuma, head of employee happiness.