On Being Awesome at Email


Being good at email (and nailing this look) is so incredibly important to representing yourself, your business, and maintaining your sanity. No matter what business you’re in, corresponding promptly says a whole lot about who you are and how you operate. It’s not always easy and things will definitely fall through the cracks now and then, but here are a few tips to help you step up your email game.

1. One in, one out. When you get an email in, respond to it. If you can’t (need more info, waiting on another piece of the puzzle to fall into place), answer a previous email. It’s a great way to keep the avalanche of emails from piling up like Boston’s snow situation.

2. Filters! Let the spam be spam! Let the coupons go unseen! Let the promos fold into the email abyss! These are weekend/evening emails. Don’t let them throw you off track.

3. Reply with a rote note. Maybe you’re in the middle of ten things and can’t squeeze a minute. Send a quick note, ‘got your message! Will get back with you soon!’ This can contribute to to email avalanching though, so it should be used sparingly. How to unbury yourself after a 4 hour meeting fest? Continue on to number 4.

4. Set up a few times a day to reply to emails. How often you do this is going to depend on how you work best and what makes sense for your business. If you’re not a super-multi-tasker, take 5 minutes to address your emails on the hour. Are you working in a focus-heavy job? How about morning and night? Or just lunch? If you schedule your email times into your day, you won’t miss a beat.


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