Awesome Ladies Friday


It’s Friday and I’m itching for my Saturday off! I’ve got big plans to cuddle up with my dogs and watch the entire Ken Burns documentary of the Roosevelts (mostly for Eleanor, LOVE her) while the snow falls around my little Northeast Ohio house. If you’re thinking I’m a huge nerd and probably 85 years old, you’re half right.

I’m getting the weekend started early by doing a post about the thing I love most, empowered, awesome ladies!

Recently, Forbes did an article on the 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015 and my little heart skipped a beat!

I’m inspired by Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams, co-founders of In Good Company, Bridget Hilson of LSTN Headphones, and Erica Nicole, founder and CEO of YFS Magazine (one of my personal favs).

Or how about this little ray of lady sunshine: Women working in Construction are forming a local advice group!

According to the Buffalo News, “two trade groups have teamed up to help create a new forum for women and “like-minded” construction professionals to share challenges they face and explore ideas for solutions.”

How awesome is that?!

And I’d like to conclude our Friday Feminine Roundup by congratulating the first EVER class of Merglane Companies- all woman led, all amazing! And congratulations too, to Sue, Hannah, and Elizabeth, the brains and muscles behind this woman-in-business-empowerment machine!

Check out the 2015 class here!


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