Cold Calls are the Worst

But also, they’re kind of the best.

Today, I called a few select local businesses to let them know about a job that’s waiting for them on earnest. Out of five calls, three were wrong numbers, one was a busy signal (twice) and then an answering machine, and one was AMAZING!

The man I spoke to was curious about Earnest, interested in getting new jobs, and really really nice. Cold calls can be punishing, but that one pleasant interaction with another person can be oh so rewarding!

Another take:

Imagine I was a customer trying to find someone to do that job. Like most people the numbers I got were on the vast and unknown internet and three fifths of the numbers I called were wrong numbers! One took three calls before I could LEAVE A MESSAGE. If I was a customer I would be burned out and ready to throw my project on the back burner for another year.

THAT’s another reason why we made Earnest. If you need something done, just post it to the jobs board and interested providers will reach out to you! No more busy signals, no more dead numbers.

It pays to be a business in Earnest so you’re not missing out on jobs like these. AND it REALLY pays to be a client in Earnest because the businesses come to YOU and if they don’t, you have a cheerful little me who will call providers all day long until I find one for you!


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