Happy Good Neighbor Day!


It’s National Good Neighbor Day again! Can you believe it? It seems like last year’s Good Neighbor Day was just last week! Oh how time flies…

For Good Neighbor Day this year, forget the Neighbor Day feast, the presents, and the caroling and be the neighbor you wish you had. 

Maybe mow a friend’s lawn, weed a garden, take a pie next door! And when you’re done and your neighbor gushes about how great you are at whatever it is you did, think to yourself, “Yeah! I AM pretty good at that!”

And when they say, people would pay you to do this, you’re so good!” Think Earnest. 

Earnest is your MV neighborhood service site that makes it easy and free for your to start your own service business based on those awesome skills of yours. We make it free because we love this community and because good neighbors help each other out. 

Check us out at http://www.earnest.com!




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