Losing Customers the Old Fashioned Way



Small business owners are BUSY. Did I just win the understatement of the year award?

But when communication is lacking between customers and businesses, jobs go down the drain.

As a prime example I present to you, the woman with the frizzy hair.

She was looking for someone to administer a keratin treatment, and after reaching out to no less than 6 small businesses in the way of hair-doing, she got one response.

“The truth is, I have big crazy hair and will be a repeat customer. They all lost out!!”

“As a business owner, your number one goal should be to respond to client inquiries. When that email or phone call comes in, you should jump on it! Don’t wait. If someone is calling seeking services, they are probably calling more than one person. Many times they are ready to take action.”

There are many sides to a coin (octagon?) like this, so I ask you…

Small business owners: What holds you back from taking the call?

Customers: How long is too long to wait for a response from businesses? 


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