5 Easy Businesses to Start Now

Dad Rake Earnest

1. Show-shoveler: Is it seasonal and weather-frontonal? Yes. Does that mean that you’re not also a leaf-raker in the fall, a weed-plucker in the spring, and a lawn-mower in the summer? You bet you are! Thanks to mother nature, there’s always an opportunity to make dough when you want it!

2. Social Media Consultant: You could help older people learn how to use Facebook, give advice about web-privacy, help parents understand what the heck their kids are talking about, teach about twitter, instagram, google+, snapchat. If you’re up to speed, you can help keep others up to speed too.

3. Personal Concierge: The weekend is just a few hours away and I’ll be gollderned if I wouldn’t pay somebody $10 to bring me steaming cup of coffee on Saturday morning. Starbucks, my door, 7am, extra tips if you don’t make fun of my cupcake bathrobe. I’ve never met a personal concierge, but I’d really like to hire one. In my mind, a personal concierge is someone who turns regular mornings into a swanky experience. You could make a cup of coffee and leave it outside my bedroom door with the paper and a flower like (I imagine) happens in fancy hotels. Breakfast? Yes please! No dishes for me? Warm up my car before I leave so it’s not so freaking terrible to drive in the morning? Awesome start to the day. I’m telling you, people would pay big.

4. Green Living Advisor: Number 1s, 2s, 5s, aluminum, cardboard, all that I get. But what about cardboard milk jugs? Do those count with their waxy insides? What about those little plastic windows in envelopes? Where do I take my recycling? How can I use less water? How the bleep does composting work? If you have answers, you’re in business.

5. Auto detailer: If you have a shop vac, cleaning spray, and windex, there’s nothing you can’t do.



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