5 Reasons to Start Your Own Business in 2014

Jenny Cartoon

5. It’s 2014! That means that you are 14 years into the new century and you still don’t own your own business. Exactly 100 years ago in 1914, several businesses YOU KNOW were started by folks who decided to give owning their own business a try. Does Dodge ring a bell? How about Brooks shoe company? Tastykake,  MFA, Booz and Company? All these companies that are STILL generating revenue 100 years later were started by someone who decided to take a chance and go for it. It’s time to stop putting it off. Let 2014 be YOUR year.

4. Home purchases are on the upswing.  The number of homes sold in 2013 was 19 percent higher than in  2012 and home prices are up 13.6 percent, as measured by the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index (as reported by the Wall Street Journal). More home sales=more services needed=opportunity for you. Get in there, establish your brand, and get those jobs!

3.  You deserve it. You do. Almost any magazine you pick up says something about how this year is all about you. Time to get in shape, to treat yourself, to pursue your hobbies. Okay, that’s nice and all, but how about investing in your future? How about banking on your skills, exercising confidence in your abilities, and laying a foundation you can build a future on?  It’s a whole lot more awesome to point to the business you created than the 5 pounds you don’t have anymore. Honestly, you deserve it.

2. The economy is changing. Remember when you had to have a 4 year college degree to get a good job? Your parents do, but 2013 did not. College is getting more expensive and jobs that make the degree worth it are getting harder to find. As personal time becomes more scarce and the amount of work to do increases, the opportunity to make great money as a skilled service provider is high and getting higher and people entering the workforce are noticing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest growing fields through 2022 include personal care aides, interpreters and translators, insulation/construction workers, electricians, and home-health aides. Services, people. Services.

1. Resolutions have a nasty habit of disappearing. I have made resolutions every year since time immemorial and  not once have I been able to recall what my resolutions were by the time the next year rolls around. Stop making resolutions, start something that lasts. When you start your business in Earnest, it drives itself. When you can see how many people have checked out your Storefront, when you see money in your account, when you get those jobs, you tend to keep at it. Lofty resolutions are great, but goals are better. Goal 1: Start business in Earnest. Goal 2: Get 1 client. Goal 3: Get a great review. Goal 4: Celebrate the beginning of an awesome 2014. Goal 5: Repeat.


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