Hey! You Should Start That: Ending the Embarrassing Selfie Edition


I was on vacation last week on Amelia Island and it was AMAZING. I basked in the soft ocean breezes, walked with my husband under the Spanish moss that hung from Live Oaks, and spent fantastic quality time with my mother in law; as you can obviously tell from this picture.

So. Embarrassed. There are certain things that shouldn’t ever happen, and this photo is one of them.

In no way does this picture capture the fact that we were on a lovely Sunday drive along the ocean after a really nice picnic on the beach.

Instead, it’s just me, suffering from selfie induced duck-lipitis, in what appears to be a car, making googly eyes.

Too many of us fall victim to the selfie and it’s time to stop the madness.

I would have LOVED to have someone hang out with us for an afternoon and snap some pictures of the fun we had.

I’m absolutely priced out of a professional photographer, but it would have been perfect if I could’ve hired someone with a point-and-shoot to hang out for a couple of hours and snap some photos. Nothing fancy, just someone who can keep their thumb out of the frame and keep a low profile.

Snap photos, upload to computer, email. That’s it. No editing, no posing necessary.

All you’d need to get started is a camera and an Earnest Storefront. Take a couple of shots on your own, upload them to your portfolio on your Storefront and you’re in business.

You’ll be the owner of your own business and I’ll be able to avoid the dreaded selfie and even have some non-faces-smushed-together photos of the three of us together. Oh, to dream.

On behalf of our future selves who will look at these pictures in 30 years and shake our heads, I beg, end selfie induced duck-lipitis! Start your point and shoot business in Earnest.





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