Hey! You Should Start That: Sewing Tutor Edition


Five summers ago, I made all my own clothes.

I was in grad school, money was nearly non-existent, and fabric at WalMart was $1 a yard. I made so many $4 dresses, it was crazy.

Mind you, I was never actually GOOD at sewing.

I bought a pattern that said “easy” on it and used it to cut out pieces of fabric in appropriate dimensions, but after that, I just made it up as I went along. Needless to say, none of those dresses are still with us today.

Now, older and wiser, I’m making a new dress-only this time, I want to do it right.

I want to actually follow the directions and cut out the little triangle thingys on the pattern. I want to baste and line where I should. I’d like this dress to survive a wash cycle.

I got started on Sunday morning and by noon, I made one cut and it was in the wrong place.

There aren’t enough YouTube videos in the world to make this dress turn out well.

I need a sewing tutor. I don’t need a class on a single-sewing topic, I need someone who knows the basics to come over to my house and help me make this dress. I need a human person to tell me when I’m making my seam too narrow and the finer points of installing (wrong word?) a zipper.

If you are a person with decent sewing skills, this is one to seriously consider.

A little expertise could get you so far! I have all the equipment and materials necessary for any tutor who’d be willing to help me out. You could even offer your services via Skype or Google+ or any other web-video service if you wanted to cut out commutes!

Imagine the jobs you’ll get after I post my review (titled Sew Awesome, because I won’t be able to help it); especially when I attach a photo of the finished dress to the review and everyone sees the great work you do! Oh, the jobs you’ll get!

Earnest gives you everything you need to set up and grow your tutoring service, you just bring the skill and you’re in business.

Photo by: http://dollyclackett.blogspot.com/2012_12_01_archive.html     

(She makes pretty dresses!)



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