Earnest Opportunity

Earnest is all about creating opportunity. I can imagine no better thing than using the opportunity Earnest creates to create more opportunity.

With that in mind, I present, this! http://vimeo.com/34813864

It’s a fantastic satirical commercial by Jesse Rosten for Adobe (accent aigu) Fotoshop as a beauty product. Hilarious and poignant-my favorite combination!

I’d imagine that anyone who watched this video would have lots to say. Body image, anorexia, girl power, self-acceptance, media pressure, social change, Joan Rivers (if you’re on the tangent train), the possibilities are endless.

It might even inspire you take action- maybe start a hang-out for girls who feel like they’re struggling for air in the pressure cooker of unrealistic social expectations. Maybe it’s a support-group kind of thing. Maybe a rant and remedy kind of gathering. Maybe it’s a chance to organize a grassroots social change campaign. Maybe it’s you, starting a motivational speaking business that focuses on empowering women. Maybe you want to use your experiences in (insert really awesome thing you do here) to mentor women who want to do the same thing.

Earnest can help.

We would love to build a social action arm in the future, free as a bird and alive with all of your brilliant ideas and community verve, but for now, you can get the word out about your support/rant/motivational speaking/mentoring organization on your Storefront. You could price attendance at just one dollar and buy cookies and punch for the meeting with your proceeds. Then you can get positive reviews from the people who are involved, which helps spread the word about the socially magnificent thing that you do and broadens your reach.

Want to go the non-profit route but not interested in cookies and punch? Use the funds you generate to start a scholarship, or donate it on behalf of your cause to an organization that you love.

We admit that we’re not the perfect non-profit solution right now, but we hope to be in the future and we don’t want our imperfections to stand between you and providing a service to your community that you’re passionate about. So go ahead, help make your world a little better.

Earnest is at your service.


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