Hey, You Should Start That: Kid’s Party Edition



I don’t have kids, but boy when I do, look out.

I’m on Pinterest every single day (not embarrassed) and I have ideas for some seriously awesome birthday parties. Seriously awesome.

My presently non-existent children are going to flip for the parties I’m going to throw. You know, when I don’t have a crazy demanding 16-hour-a-day job and the laundry’s done and the house is clean and my volunteer work slows down and I’m on fewer boards and I acquire actual serving dishes, (you know, the kind with the little Bunsen burners underneath), and I learn how to make a cake with little fondant flower thingys on the top.

When I do all that, it’s going to be awesome.

Basically, my kids are going have awesome birthday parties when hell freezes over.

I haven’t done the market research, but I’m guessing there are lots of people like me who need a lot of help putting together awesome parties and I’m guessing there are a lot of talented party veterans who could do the job.

How awesome would it be if I could hire someone who could find the plastic swords and fake elf ears for a kick-fanny (it’s a post about kids, people!) Lord of the Rings birthday party. Someone who knows how to make little flower thingys already and who can make streamers twist like Martha Stewart does. Frankly, putting on the party of a lifetime without adding another giant slice onto my over-flowing plate would be amazing.

And for you talented people who have twelve years of party-planning experience behind you, here’s a golden opportunity.

You have pictures of those parties right? Portfolio, done.

All you have to do is design your free Storefront on Earnest, post your Portfolio pictures and you’re all set. You put on one great party, get a stellar review, and you’ve already done some of the best advertising you could possibly do. All the attendees are probably kids and their parents. Kids who have birthdays every year and who now want parties as cool a this one and who have parents who don’t like to disappoint.

Suddenly, you own your own business and demand for your awesome parties is sky-high because of all those great reviews. Life is good right?

Go ahead and throw yourself a I’m The Best Ever Party, you deserve it.



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