Behold, the Mighty Entreprenuer!



Steve Strauss at USA today has some very flattering things to say about all of you, or future you.

“Entrepreneurs large and small, green entrepreneurs, tech entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, micro entrepreneurs, political entrepreneurs, and many others are all changing the shape of the planet, radically, and for the better…It is a mindset. It is a skillset. It is a way of looking at the world, seeing problems, creating teams, finding solutions, and solving problems for mutual benefit, whether that means building a better mousetrap, alleviating a social problem, or overthrowing a dictator.”

Wow, that’s some mighty stuff. Go future you!

Even the most selfish of entrepreneurial motivations, i.e. make a giant pile of money, build a business whose mission is “exhibit my awesomeness at every opportunity”, or build an empire and leave the whole thing to my dog, does really positive things. New businesses create jobs, they teach valuable lessons, they create partnerships and broaden horizons. Even if they fail, they leave the entrepreneur a better, smarter, more well-rounded person who is more likely to succeed in whatever they take on next.

Stronger people equal stronger communities, stronger communities mean stronger nations, and next thing you know you’re taking down dictators. Well played, future you.

There’s no doubt, entrepreneurship is hard, but Earnest is working every day to make it a little bit easier and a whole lot more accessible.

We agree with Mr. Strauss, entrepreneurship is definitely the biggest winner of the last decade, but we think it’s going to be the biggest thing, possibly ever, in the next.

Congratulations, future you- you and your new business are a big part of the biggest thing ever.


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