the cabinet of Things I Would Do if I Could

I’m not going to lie to you, I know my way around a keyboard.

I may not type at 8,000 words per minute, but I can get the job done. And I may not know how to teach someone else to type, but I can do them a giant favor and type things for them.

I could save someone a lot of time who might want to dictate something to my fast-flying-fingers rather than laboriously punch the keys or correct the inevitable typos in dictation-to-text software. Maybe they’re not computer savvy and the idea of dealing with another app or piece of software makes them want to gag. Maybe they want a human to translate their scrawled notes into orderly, typed documents.

Whatever their reason, I’m their man. Or, lady as the case happens to be.

I might love to do this on an as-needed basis. I might not have the time to commit to my Dynamite Dictation service (the name could use work) on a full or part-time basis, but it would be great if people thought of me when they needed something typed. If I had an hour and I felt like it, I could make an extra $20.

That would be so great.

But I have no idea how to let people know that I am a willing and interested typestress, and I don’t want to spend actual MONEY to advertise or anything.

Before it even starts, it’s over. I can shelve semi-professional docu-typing in the cabinet of Things I Would Do If I Could along with bicycle detailing, baby rocking for super-tired parents, and perfect-date planning.

I have the skills and the experience, but making it happen just isn’t really feasible. Sad.


What if there was a marketplace for services where I could start my semi-professional docu-typing business? One that gave me a webpage and let my clients pay me online? What if someone could actually find my webpage? What if they thought ‘wow, I could really use a typestress right about now’ and found me? What if they booked my services and left me a great review? What if that led to more typing jobs?

What if it were free? October.      What if, indeed.


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