Austin is a Whole City of Mavericks


That’s why we’re launching there.

Home to Apple, Ebay, Facebook, Samsung, Rackspace, HP, 3M, and a bazillion more (actual figure); we will count ourselves blessed to tread the same hallowed sidewalks as these gamechangers.

But that’s not why we’re Austin-bound.

We’re going south because there are more than 60,000 of you who are blowing our minds right now.

With a GDP of $86 billion at last count, more that $2 billion of that was earned by savvy, hardworking folks who own their own business and don’t have any employees. We’re talking start-up mavericks who built their businesses with their own two hands and use those hands to do all the work, manage all the finances, handle all the advertising, impress all the clients, and brush all the dirt off their shoulders-Jay Z style.

Did I mention that the $2 billion revenue was earned by mavericks who just provide services? That’s right. No material goods here.

It’s impossible to overstate how tremendous this is. In 2007, there were more than 65,000 of these single-player businesses in the Austin metro-area. And they earned an average of $36,195. That includes service providers who only do business on weekends or evenings to supplement another full-time job, people who aren’t gaining as much traction as they’d like, people who are rocking it, and people who work part-time.  As an average, that’s not bad.

But it could be better.

When you’re running your own business, every cent counts and one of the biggest drains on a bootstrapped business is finding the new customers that will keep you going. It’s a necessary evil. It costs an arm and a leg to advertise which hurts your bottom line, but if you don’t, the customers dwindle in and your business dwindles out.

Austin needs a solution that eases the burden and empowers these entrepreneurial mavericks. Something that nurtures small business and helps it grow. That’s what we do, that’s why we do it, and that’s why we’re heading to Austin.

The rungs on the ladder to success for these mavericks are pretty far apart. It’s a sensational effort to get started, another huge effort to find your first client, another to turn that first client in a loyal one, another to get her to tell her friends about you, another to learn the ropes of owning your own business, and a whole other rung, way up there, to provide stellar service on a shoestring while actively finding and gaining new clients.

We want to see these service providers get more bang for their buck and increase their annual income by finding new clients for them. We want to deliver these people to their virtual doors without any overhead whatsoever so they can focus on providing great service.

The better these mavericks do, the better Austin does.

Imagine if these mavericks were able to hire an employee; imagine if they had to to keep up with the demand for their excellent service-providing. Imagine if they were able to join the small businesses in Austin that make an average of over $1 million per year and have 11 employees. Imagine how good that would be for them, for their families, and for Austin.

Earnest is on a mission to put a few more rungs in that ladder so it’s a little bit easier to get to the top. See you soon Austin!


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