Hey you Should Start That!: Etiquette Edition

So, I was talking with a friend last night who just knows stuff. We were at a holiday party, talking about the delicious food spread and absolutely out of nowhere, she casually mentioned that our very thoughtful hostess had managed to accommodate basically every kind of diet that exists.

There were choices for people on Atkins, for vegans, for lactose intolerant, for gluten-free people, for all-natural people, for chocoholics, for foodies, for soul-foodies, for everyone.

It was done in such an unassuming and classy way, that without my very astute friend, I would have missed it altogether.

This was obviously not the hostess’ first rodeo and while her spread (and the whole party) was very impressive, I couldn’t stop thinking about my keenly observant friend.

This is a girl with great table manners, who knows what to say to people in polite company; she knows a lot about wine and can pick out an affordable bottle that no one would sneer at, and she has great conversation topics ready to go all the time.


She needs to start a business.

A Miss Manners for the modern 20something.

Maybe Ms Mannyrs.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire someone like her to come by a few days before an event and help coach you through prep? She could bring by great host/hostess gift options, give you some background on relevant conversation topics, help you choose an outfit, and give you tips on how to handle awkward situations.

For those of us just learning the rules of the social road, a human handbook couldn’t hurt. Especially when it comes to high-stakes events where you mingle with potential employers, or where you meet your girlfriend’s parents at their annual Christmas party, or if you’re just trying not to look like the n00b in the room at an elegant dinner.

If you’ve got the knowledge, you should start that.

I’m seeing spinoff potential in the publishing world already…

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