Hey, You Should Start That! Christmas Shopper Edition

You know how the holidays are totally insane right? You also now how buying armloads of gifts for your loved-ones is crazy expensive? I have an idea.

You, the person with the shopping-bug, who takes pride in your ability to nail a bargain, who knows where every store in the mall is, and can find the super-glue in any Target in America in under 3 minutes, you need to be a Christmas shopper.

You could start a Christmas shopping business in which people hire you on, give you their lists and budget and say, ‘have at it’! It’s the perfect job! Helping out an over-stressed Christmas compatriot, earning extra cash for your own Christmas shopping, starting a business that doesn’t have to be seasonal if you don’t want it to be (personal shopper anyone?). It’s a Christmas miracle.

You could even take it a step farther. Say for instance, you take a girl like me. I have a husband who is a geekycoolsmartypants who only wears scrubs and doesn’t have time to indulge in things like hobbies. I also have a father-in-law who has everything under the sun, grandparents who could be on Hoarders for their Precious Moments ¬†collection (I’m an enabler), and a brother who pretty much lives in the woods. I need helping figuring out what to get these people and I’m sure a lot of other people do too.

What do you say Shopper Santa?

Also, please don’t be mad at me for talking Christmas in early November. My jingle bells can’t be stopped.


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