You’re reading! You’re actually reading!

And it feels so good!

Starting an online business can feel like a thankless job. You spend countless hours staring at your screen, clicking, crunching numbers, thinking, innovating, snacking because there’s no time to cook. It can be pretty punishing, especially since you don’t have a boss telling you you’re on the right track, or that your time has been well spent. All that sustaining  feedback has to come from you, along with the vision, strategy, and follow-through. Exhausting.

And then just when you think that you’re spinning your wheels, you discover that someone read your blog. Quite a few someones, actually. It’s a tiny bump that makes your dry-cereal-dinner taste like a gourmet sensation. Totally worth it.

When you’re starting your own business, the work that you invest comes before payoff and sometimes that payoff takes a long time to arrive.

At Earnest, we’re doing our best to help take the fiddle-faddle out of getting started. No scary government processes, no giant sum of start-up cash, no customer identification necessary. We make starting your business easy, but it still requires a little work. We’re all about destroying barriers to entry (go ahead, imagine light-sabers, I know you want to) but not about stealing that sweet moment of satisfaction when the work that you’ve done pays off.

Working hard and being personally invested  in the outcome of your business can be painful at first, but when you get that first stellar review, that first referral, that first paycheck, even if it’s just for $15, it’s a high. It means your hard work has paid off and it makes you want to do more.

Thanks for reading this blog you many someones, it makes starting this business feel like a fresh wind on a sunny day. Man, these breakfast peanuts are delicious!

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