Tree Pose for Business, or The Value of Flexibility

Everyone wants flexibility in their lives; you know it, I know it, and this study by Small Business Labs knows it.

After compiling several studies and doing one of their own, they’ve found that flexibility at work is very highly valued by employees and employers alike.

They’ve actually done away with the term “work/life balance” and have replaced it with “work/life flexibility” because so many people define balance as the ability to be flexible. Flexibility is so important to employees that some have said they’d be willing to take a 10% pay cut if they could gain more flexibility in their jobs.

That’s pretty serious.

More serious still, are the people who’ve left their careers in favor of starting their own businesses precisely so they could have more flexibility and control over their time.

Here’s a snippet:

“I did a cut of the State of Independence survey data (we partnered with MBO Partners on this study) looking at independent workers who chose to be independent (57% of all respondents said they chose to become an independent worker).  The top 3 reasons they list for being a independent worker are:

  1. 71% – control my schedule
  2. 69% – more flexibility
  3. 67% – like being my own boss”

To this they add that “it’s also clear that high performers are increasingly choosing to leave traditional employment and become independent workers.”

Being your own boss can bring a few headaches to the table, but it’s the table that you built, own and eat your favorite foods at, anytime you want.

As a business owner, it’s worth considering how you can infuse a little flexibility into your business for your employees as well. According to this study, offering a flexible work environment might be the best way to keep your employees and keep them happy.

How would you bring a little flexibility to the employee table? Or desk, or breakroom…you get the idea.

See the original article here:


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