Hey, You Should Start That! Image Consultant Edition

Three words: socks with sandals.

Did you just cringe?

If you have a Pintrest board loaded with fashion inspiration from weekend casual to work chic, if your friends can’t go out without having you approve their outfits, if you want to slap the stripes of off fashion offenders, you just might be a closet Image Consultant.

Image Consultant you say? Definitely.

Everyone has an image and most of us want that image to say something positive about us. It’s the easiest way to communicate a little something about who you are to people who haven’t had the infinite pleasure of getting to know you. But for most of us, our image says something like “no time for a shower,” “these are my fancy clothes,” or “haven’t been on a date since 1983.”

It’s not pretty out there. But there are the gifted few who can seamlessly coordinate a look that not only flatters but says things like “creative,” “fun,” or “successful.”

Imagine hiring an Image Consultant. Someone who can come to your house, find out a little about you and help you coordinate outfits that you didn’t know were already hiding in your closet. That consultant could guide you to a new hairstyle, advise on perfume or cologne, and help you reinvent yourself using things you already had.

Like it or not, our society and our workplace cares about how you look. As an Image Consultant you’re not just remedying fashion faux pas, you’re helping someone dress for the success they deserve and helping them find the confidence they need to achieve their goals.

My loving mother told me she was going to put me on What Not to Wear. Thanks, but lets not put my fanny pack on prime time. This is so much better.



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