Hey, You Should Start That! Chess Coach Edition

I secretly want to be Bobby Fischer, or at least a person who can beat my husband in a game of chess. He’s a gracious winner, he never teases me or gives me a hard time about my 0-110 losing streak, but just once I’d like to claim a victory of my own. I really like chess, I’m just really bad at it.

I need a chess coach, but I have no idea where to find one. 

I would love to hop onto Earnest.com and find a coach- anyone really- with a little chess skill. Could be a chess hobbyist, a former champ, a high school chess team member who’d rather coach her favorite game than work at McDonald’s, any of these people could help me.

And it would be so easy! To set up your chess coaching career, you’d just have to log onto Earnest.com and design your webpage. That’s it. No supplies, no incorporation, no seed money needed. 

When you start your coaching businesses, I’ll definitely be your first customer, but until then I’ll be here, getting my butt kicked a couple of times a month until my very own Bobby Fischer rescues me. 


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