Hey, You Should Start That! Green Edition

I have a very good friend whom I love dearly in spite of the fact that she throws her bottles and cans and plastics in the same garbage receptacle with her bad food and used paper towels. That’s right, she doesn’t recycle. She wants to, but she has no idea how to begin. Although I don’t mind stepping in and lending a little good-intentioned advice, I’m wary of allowing my officious tendencies to come between us, even in the name of saving our planet.

I need a Carbon Footprint Consultant. I would love to hire a third party who can work with her on her little recycling problem. And her excessive air-conditioning problem, and her not-paying-attention-to-the-excessive-packaging problem.

I’m dreaming of a person with some expertise on the subject of living life a little lighter on the planet. Someone who has systems for making recycling easy and intuitive, someone with clever tricks for reducing energy use without compromising comfort, someone who can educate on how to purchase products that are environmentally responsible.

Existing businesses could use tips on greening-up too, especially since people want to work for and buy products from conscientious companies. I bet that even I, the snooty pro-planet friend, could use some tips! Imagine, you could make money doing something positive for the planet. Whaddaya say?


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