Hey You Should Start That! Flashmob Edition

You want to propose to your girlfriend. She’s pretty much the coolest thing in the entire world, and you want your proposal to be too. Picture this: You go out for a super romantic date to her favorite restaurant, then take a quiet stroll through the city park. You’re holding hands, talking about all the great times you’ve had together, you mention how beautiful she is, how she’s always had your heart, and how a future without her is no future at all, and then all of a sudden Monster Mash starts playing from out of nowhere! (scratch Monster Mash, insert Happy Together by the Turtles) The people milling around the park spring into knock-out choreography and you and your flashmob have her screaming I DO I DO I DO like a 14 year old at Beiber concert before the song is even over.

Best. Proposal. Ever.

The only problem is, where do you find a flashmob?

The shortage of ready-to-order flashmobs these days is really getting me down. Earnest.com needs a flashmob service that can choreograph, stage, and perform flashmobs for anyone for any reason. For birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduation parties, wild Mondays, for any occasion at all. Imagine that you could go to Earnest.com, search for flashmobs, and book a group of as many people you want, to dance to any song you like, and even teach you the moves to be the star of the show! Oh to dream.

Are you a dancer, do you know other dancers? All you need is some rehearsal time, a portable speaker and ipod and you’re in business.

I could really use a flashmob. I would love to have a troupe of ribbon dancers rocking out to Yanni in my office right now. Sigh.


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