Infographic Magic!

It’s the sensation that’s sweeping the internet-nation! Infographics. Information, conveyed in a graphic.

Simple. Genius.

Everybody loves infographics. They’re pretty, and informative, and a million times better than reading, because seriously, there’s nothing internetians hate more than reading.

Have you ever hopped onto a website that looks interesting only to be smacked in the face by a giant wall of text? There’s no better way to turn a visitor away than to assault them with too many words packed too tightly.

In internet-land you need to make your point quick, you need to make it concise, and you need to make it drool-worthy. That’s the genius of infographics. They’re beautiful and engaging and above all, interesting because they take a tiny scrap of effort on the part of the visitor. As a reader, you have to follow along with the graphic- information is not just handed to you, it’s presented to you. You are literally going on a journey around the page, so you’re not only invested, you feel smarter because the information is being presented so clearly, so visually, that’s it’s instantly easy to comprehend. No looking for context clues, no parsing for subtext, no losing your place among lines of identical letters. (You’re here by the way, this is where you left off) It’s there, it’s pretty, and it’s saying something you want to hear.

Here are some examples, compliments of


So much better than reading a couple of paragraphs about the health benefits of coffee and tea right?

Try this one:


This one isn’t even saying much of anything we didn’t already know, but I bet you read almost all of it anyway!

Yeah yeah yeah, infographics rule, you get the point. But before I leave off this topic for a bit, here’s one last infographic about infographics.



I really should have just made this post into an infographic.

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