Starting a Business isn’t for the Faint of Jargon

Have you ever tried to start a business? Unless you can explain the difference between an S corporation and a C corporation in five words or less, I’m guessing not.

If fact, I started this very business less than a year ago, I’m not sure I could do it!

Starting a business is hard. You have to learn jargon-y things like DBA, and EIN. You have write your own business plan, come up with your own marketing strategies,  manage your own finances, budget your own time, challenge your own ideas, and rely on your creativity.

If you’re starting an internet company there are domain name availability limitations, hosting considerations, SEO management, and the ever-important building of an actual website. Did I mention navigating the actual incorporation of your business with all of its domiciling options, government forms, and extra tax preparation?

I’m burnt out just from writing all that.

To make matters worse, instead of encouraging entrepreneurs, people love to tell budding trailblazers that 80% of business fail even though most of these people have never tried to start a business themselves. Just last weekend, someone told me that 99% of them fail.

Our nation desperately needs people to start their own businesses. We need to create jobs, increase revenues, and reinvest our cash into our still hobbling economy. But until we straighten out the labyrinthian disaster endemic to the business-starting process, ambitious people trying to carve out their own way will lose steam and everyone will lose out.

Starting your own business shouldn’t be a herculean task that results in ulcers and bankruptcy.

That’s why at, we’re taking the crazy out of starting your own service business. We’re making it effortless and inexpensive for people to turn their talent into income. If you have a lawnmower and a weekend you’re officially in business- complete with your own website, customer reviews, and online payment system.  Five minutes to set up and no paperwork.

We all want to do our part to help our nation out in this economic slump and the best way to that is to help yourself to stay solvent and create your own opportunities. We’re helping you help US by helping you…oh boy.

It’s time to do business in Earnest.


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