Zombie Girls: Small Business Mondays

Business: Zombie Girls Owners: Rikki Farina and Kelsey Web Where: Austintown, OH What you do: Zombie and theatrical makeup in addition to classic hair and makeup services When it started: 2012 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zombiegirls3   Phone: 330-718-6574 Earnest: How did you get started? Rikki Farina: Youtube. I actually started teaching myself using Youtube videos during my senior year … More Zombie Girls: Small Business Mondays

Awesome Ladies Friday

It’s Friday and I’m itching for my Saturday off! I’ve got big plans to cuddle up with my dogs and watch the entire Ken Burns documentary of the Roosevelts (mostly for Eleanor, LOVE her) while the snow falls around my little Northeast Ohio house. If you’re thinking I’m a huge nerd and probably 85 years old, … More Awesome Ladies Friday


Let’s be honest, every day is women’s entrepreneurship day! On November 19th though, we take a day out of our busy, business-building lives to acknowledge the incredible strides we’ve made, the unique challenges we face, and the uncharted places we’re going. Yesterday was the first ever Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and it is a big deal. From the Digital Journal: … More #WomenWOW